Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Beginning

I suppose you could say that it’s all my sister’s fault! As the younger sister of a very assertive older sister, some folks would consider me a follower. So it’s always been pretty easy to blame all of the unusual challenges of our lives on my older sister. She holds a challenging executive job, and is a very Type A personality. If she was a cop, she’d carry a 44-Magnum and growl “Make my day!” to all of the perps she collared. To say the least, she’s something (in a GOOD way)!

It all started when Miss Type A herself decided to adopt a Shetland Sheepdog (also known as a Sheltie) puppy. Spenser was an adorable, fuzzy puppy who grew into a gorgeous, outgoing social butterfly sort of dog. He gladly followed Sis as she trained him in dog obedience and agility, collecting titles of achievement like other women collect shoes. Spenser was always willing to try something new, especially if it involved food! He showed us the amazing drive and spirit that is so representative of herding dogs.

After Spenser came Lester, a gentle rescued Sheltie. It was in Lester that we first saw the power of the herding drive. One day we were playing with the dogs in some woods near a horse paddock. Suddenly, Lester bolted toward the paddock and squeezed past the electric fence! We were terrified that the horses would kick and injure him. Next thing you know, that 30-lb dog had all of those big horses gathered into the corner of the rectangular paddock! It was amazing! Then Lester just popped right back out of the paddock, trotted over and panted up at us with his special doggy smile, “See! It’s not so tough, Mom!”

And that’s how Waggin’ Tails Station was born! Currently, we have a total of 10 dogs in our sprawling hacienda: 1 Border Collie (Jet), 1 Smooth Collie (Angel), 3 Australian Shepherds (Mariah, Tonka, and Annie), 4 Shelties (Connor, Cody, Shannon, and Frosty), and 1 Corgi-Jack Russell Terrier mix (Gizmo - DON’T ask). I’ll introduce you to each of them in following posts.

So c’mon along! As they say in the old movies, “We’re in for a bumpy ride!”

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