Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gettin' CHILLY in here!!

This little guy is Frosty. Frosty is a 4-year-old blue merle Shetland Sheepdog, & he is definitely the life of the party! Also known as “Meeeeeeester Frooooost” or “The FROST-i-nator!”, Frosty came to Waggin’ Tails Station in February of 2009, to be a companion to Tonka. Frosty came from Michigan Sheltie Rescue, & we initially adopted him because he seemed ideal to train as a “seizure alert dog” to notify us if Tonka had a seizure. We also wanted a companion for Tonka, since Tonka’s seizures required us to pull him out of dog agility, a sport he loved. We hoped that a new little buddy would lift Tonka’s spirits, as well as alerting us if a seizure started.

It soon became clear that our instincts had been right on-target, & Tonka & Frosty are now "Partners in Crime"! Although Tonka is twice Frosty’s size, he is careful not to injure his little buddy when they play. And play they do! Games of FangFace & Chase are just two of the playtime activities. They are crated next to each other, & sleep in their crates at night. Most of Tonka’s seizures come at night, so between Frosty’s presence & the always-on baby monitor, we are able to listen for Tonka & intervene if he has seizures.

Frosty is also ideal as a therapy dog, with his friendly, loving nature & small size (20 lbs). He loves to meet people, & has made fast friends everywhere he visits. We intend to get his full certification, & then start his volunteer work. He visited an adult day care center a couple of times, & charmed the entire staff & students there.

Although quite small in size, Frosty makes up for it with his HUGE personality. He is the quintessential Party Boy, & loves to romp & play with the other dogs in the house. As a former stud dog, he flirts with every “girl” he meets, including dominant bitch Mariah, who rules her pack with an “iron paw”. For Frosty, she relaxes for a few minutes & plays.

We have many other plans for Mr. Frost as well! He has a very strong herding drive, & wants those sheepies very badly. Since Frosty wants to herd those sheepies so badly, we decided to get him a haircut so that he wouldn't overheat with that MONSTER coat of his! Here is our little tornado in his new 'do. Now, he can REALLY be The Frostinator!

One of the best things about Frosty is that he is such a great “advertisement on feet” for rescued Shetland Sheepdogs. He is outgoing & friendly, but also protective of his pack, his people, & his property. With his happy outlook on life, he is undoubtedly “the bubbles in our champagne” as we go thru day to day life! We hope he will be with us for many years to come!

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